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April 27, 2020

Spring greetings to you all from the Architectural Review Committee. We hope this notice finds you all safely enduring our current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all trying to responsibly maneuver through this current situation as we all continue to maintain our beautiful homes and neighborhood.

The weather is finally giving into Spring and thus revealing all those little outdoor projects that sprung up after our winter which may also include, projects that we may need to… just get completed. Our Committee would like to ask that each of you take a “spring” assessment of the exterior of your property as we also make our annual walk-through making recommendations. We ask that each homeowner take a look and make plans to remedy any short-falls as necessary or of course, whatever is practical to do under our current circumstances. Our Architecture Review Committee asks that each Homeowner look closely while considering the following areas:

1.  POWER WASHING YOUR HOME: While all of us have had our homes power-washed, maybe you have a favorite, ok but, we would recommend using acompany that does not use toxic chemicals… Our research shows and testimonyfrom a CVG homeowner mentioned harm and loss to a majority of plants due tothe use of strong chemicals from power-washing: Consider calling… ECOWash, Powerwash (Bryan) (804) 337-0361 also James Burke Powerwashing 804-349-4890

2.  SHUTTERS: Some shutters, following our last winter, will brighten up and lookbetter after a good power washing…, but neighbors there are some shutters thatare in need of a repaint due to fading. Homeowners please take a goodassessment in this area.

3.  RAILINGS: A fresh coat of paint will make them pop, like the newly paintedmailboxes. We would recommend Mr. Mills (…he painted our mailboxes) toassist. Mac’s Home Improvements (McArthur J Mills Jr) 804-919-1086

4.  FENCES: As we surveyed homes during our annual walk through, we foundthat some fences are in need of repair, power washing and in some cases totalremoval or replacement

5.  YARDS: Please remember that flower pots or flags or other yard ornamentationare not to be placed on the grass of your landscape. These ornamental items, ifappropriate, are to be arranged nicely inside of the mulch beds. So, if youcurrently have anything in the grass areas, please remove them. This has ahigher cost contract implication when left on the grass.

The ARC Committee will do another neighborhood walk-through early Summer and will let individual owners know of any recommendations that perhaps still need your attention. Thank you all so much for working together in making sure the we accomplish our 2020 goal of making our neighborhood look great and keep our home values rising.

Thank you,

Architectural Review Committee
Pat Shiber, Chairman
Jodie Coutts, Member/Recorder
Brenda Carter, Member.

July 16, 2020

Dear CVG Homeowners

This letter will serve as notice of an important addition to our current accounting processes and procedures. Beginning August 15, 2020, the Board will forward all accounts that are behind in their association dues greater than 90 days to a Collection Agency.

In June 2019, the Board hired a new financial manager to oversee our finances. Upon our initial audit, it was determined that a number of homeowners were greater than 90 days in their association dues...

The board, at that time, began a concerted effort to inform all late payers of their financial status with respect to their arrearages to the association and began sending a full “financial statement” monthly showing homeowner’s their full financial status.

This information was communicated to each late paying homeowner within the community and via our monthly newsletter, at that time. In response to this information, the Board adopted several accounting practices and procedures to inform homeowners so they could voluntarily settle this debt. These internal strategies were very successful for most homeowners, but not all.

Current Status
The Board reviews financial reports monthly and communicates debts to homeowners at least monthly. As of July 15, 2020, (7) seven homeowners are behind in their association dues, owing roughly $14,175.00.

Debt Category
Greater than 90 days old

Number of Homeowners
Seven (7)

Total Debt

The current outstanding balance is unacceptable. The Board has exhausted internal strategies for settling this debt, and must now take additional steps.

Beginning August 15, 2020, the Board will forward all accounts that are behind in their association dues greater than 90 days old to a Collection Agency each month. By leveraging this external strategy, the Board hopes to settle all debts within a timely manner. The Collection Agency has superior strategies for contacting homeowners and negotiating voluntary settlement options, as well as additional non-voluntary consequences such as reporting debt to credit agencies and initiating legal action.

In addition, if the Collection Agency is still unable to recover the late funds or create an amenable and acceptable repayment plan to the Association within the contracted time period, the Board will be executing Article VII §1.b of our Bylaws without bias or delay:

     SECTION 1. POWERS. In addition to all other powers granted in these Bylaws or in the Declaration of Covenants, plus all powers conferred by laws or inferred from obligations imposed by them, the Board of Directors shall have the power to:

     b) Assert the liens imposed by the... Master Declaration of Covenants or conferred by law against any property within the Chester Village Property for which assessments are not paid within sixty (60) days after the date when due or bring an action of law against the Member personally obligated to pay the same, in accordance with the aforesaid Covenants, or both.

The Board will send this notice in writing by the United States Postal Service to each Homeowner/member, written email notification, and a written notice that will be posted on our Website under the MEMBER’S ONLY section.

Attached to this notice is your association dues account balance, for your record and review. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at email:

The Chester Village Association Board

Chester Village Green Association
Architectural Review Committee (ARC)
PO Box 835
Chester, VA 23831

30 July 2020

Dear Neighbors,

I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well. Earlier this Spring, the CVG Association sent out a letter notifying all that the ARC would be evaluating which shrubbery and which trees would be considered for replacement in our October 2020 re-planting effort. The Committee has completed their initial task of identifying which shrubs and trees during our “walk-thru” have made the list.

Recall earlier this spring when the ARC committee reached out to Shipp & Wilson and received their analysis and report indicating that the majority of our Helleri and Compacta shrubs, throughout the neighborhood suffer, for the most part, with Black Root Rot disease. (see below) and they have strongly recommended that we NOT replace them again this fall. We already are seeing evidence that the shrub types planted in the Spring are already showing signs of dying or have in fact died. We expect this trend to continue.

Unfortunately, this shrub type was used predominately throughout the neighborhood at the time of original build. Therefore, we believe it is in the best financial interest of the neighborhood to start replacing this shrub with a shrub that is not susceptible to the rot disease and that will work well with our existing soil, drainage, and other plants. We are currently working with Ship and Wilson to obtain their recommendations on a number of shrubs which can be used in lieu of the Helleri and Compacta types.

We anticipate this being a large and delicate process. It means that we will have, at some homes, a subtle mixture of shrub type and size. However, as the homeowner, if it is your desire to participate in the final recommended match of size of the shrub scheduled for re-plant in your yard please contact the ARC committee. Please be aware however, that there will be some “up-charge” cost borne by the homeowner primarily of the size difference of a scheduled replacement shrub(s). Typically, the Association will only replace shrubs with a 3-gallon size limit. We are willing to collaborate with any homeowner on these options along with Shipp & Wilson to make that happen.

In addition to the shrubs being replaced, there are a number of shrubs that due to initial planting are victim of “overcrowding”, in which case some shrubs will be removed and not replaced. Overcrowding as you are aware affects the overall health of all shrubs and diminishes the overall look of the property.

As we discussed in our earlier Newsletter and Website postings this re-plant effort may span a few planting seasons. The Association’s intent is to address all homes and replant all dead or unsightly shrubs all at once but, depending on the final plant tally and contract negotiation’s cost we may not be able to replant ALL properties this fall 2020… However, the current Board pledges to continue on throughout the Spring and Fall 2021 replant seasons in the effort to replant and renew our entire neighborhood!

If you have any concerns or questions in regard to your yard, please do not hesitate to contact either Brenda or Jodie. It is extremely important that you reach out to us soonest (next two weeks) so we can finalize our numbers and include your desires and considerations to Shipp & Wilson.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and participation in the huge Chester Village Green endeavor. Again, if you have any questions or would like to discuss this matter further, please call a member of the ARC as soon as you can.

Architectural Review Committee

Brenda W Carter

Jodie Coutts

CVA HOA President

13 October 2020


Please continue to remain safe & healthy implementing the proper safety measures to stay healthy.

The last time I sent out a community email it was to announce my retirement from the Board... Since that time a couple of things have happened to which we now need to reconsider and make a few adjustments.

We currently have vacancies that require filling at the Recorder & Treasurer positions on the Board of Director and we also need volunteers for our Committees.

Certainly one of the main adjustments is conducting our October Annual Meeting... I am announcing now that our new date for our ANNUAL ASSOCIATION MEETING is Saturday October 31st... at 11 am in the Common Area behind the homes at: 4436 Village Creek Drive / 4425 Village Park Avenue / 11518 Village Garden Drive... Park on the Street and BRING A LAWN CHAIR!! Please plan on a 90 minute very informative meeting.(Note: A rain date will be announced once we are nearer the 31st, so today, it is To Be Determined (TBD))

The Annual meeting will be to determine by vote, the 2021 Board of Directors and Committee VOLUNTEERS. Discussions of a possible HOA Manager/Management Company will also be discussed. The 2021 Proposed Budget will be presented and voted on...

Please note that in order to conduct our Annual business we will need a QUORUM... meaning we must have at least 40 Homeowners PRESENT at the meeting or you have given your PROXY vote to a neighbor that you know is attending the meeting... or place your PROXY vote in the paper box at: 4430 Village Park Ave (Barb & Martie) before the 30th...



We will be sending out some descriptions of each Office and each Committee for neighbors to VOLUNTEER for 1 year in most all cases... Please consider volunteering... (see also: Amended ByLaws here on the website.)

I will attempt to send out a new update every few days until our Annual Meeting has been completed...

The updates will serve as reminders of the meeting date and a note encouraging all of you all to volunteer for ANY position... Let 2021 be your year to help out! :)

For up to date information or questions about the COVID-19 virus in Virginia go to:

Please go to NEWSLETTER to see our August 2020 Newsletter… and our MEMBERS’s ONLY section to the August 2020 Profit & Loss Statement and the results of our 2020 Financial Audit.

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