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April 27, 2020

Spring greetings to you all from the Architectural Review Committee. We hope this notice finds you all safely enduring our current circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are all trying to responsibly maneuver through this current situation as we all continue to maintain our beautiful homes and neighborhood.

The weather is finally giving into Spring and thus revealing all those little outdoor projects that sprung up after our winter which may also include, projects that we may need to… just get completed. Our Committee would like to ask that each of you take a “spring” assessment of the exterior of your property as we also make our annual walk-through making recommendations. We ask that each homeowner take a look and make plans to remedy any short-falls as necessary or of course, whatever is practical to do under our current circumstances. Our Architecture Review Committee asks that each Homeowner look closely while considering the following areas:

1.  POWER WASHING YOUR HOME: While all of us have had our homes power-washed, maybe you have a favorite, ok but, we would recommend using acompany that does not use toxic chemicals… Our research shows and testimonyfrom a CVG homeowner mentioned harm and loss to a majority of plants due tothe use of strong chemicals from power-washing: Consider calling… ECOWash, Powerwash (Bryan) (804) 337-0361 also James Burke Powerwashing 804-349-4890

2.  SHUTTERS: Some shutters, following our last winter, will brighten up and lookbetter after a good power washing…, but neighbors there are some shutters thatare in need of a repaint due to fading. Homeowners please take a goodassessment in this area.

3.  RAILINGS: A fresh coat of paint will make them pop, like the newly paintedmailboxes. We would recommend Mr. Mills (…he painted our mailboxes) toassist. Mac’s Home Improvements (McArthur J Mills Jr) 804-919-1086

4.  FENCES: As we surveyed homes during our annual walk through, we foundthat some fences are in need of repair, power washing and in some cases totalremoval or replacement

5.  YARDS: Please remember that flower pots or flags or other yard ornamentationare not to be placed on the grass of your landscape. These ornamental items, ifappropriate, are to be arranged nicely inside of the mulch beds. So, if youcurrently have anything in the grass areas, please remove them. This has ahigher cost contract implication when left on the grass.

The ARC Committee will do another neighborhood walk-through early Summer and will let individual owners know of any recommendations that perhaps still need your attention. Thank you all so much for working together in making sure the we accomplish our 2020 goal of making our neighborhood look great and keep our home values rising.

Thank you,

Architectural Review Committee
Pat Shiber, Chairman
Jodie Coutts, Member/Recorder
Brenda Carter, Member.

Quarterly / Semi Annual Vendor Joint Meeting
11 June 2020

Everyone, (all Vendors; Committee Members; Board Members)
I trust everyone is remaining safe and healthy...

The reason for this email is to satisfy the "Quarterly Joint Meetings" that we discussed at the beginning of the contract year. This will be the first meeting... JAN-FEB-MAR Meeting was kind of a startup for all we sort-of met but with me individually... So, this email meeting represents the APR_MAY_JUNE quarterly meeting...

Due to COVID-19 it's advisable that we not meet collectively at this time... but we can still meet the objective of why the meeting(s) are needed... " make sure we are all still on the same page as we continue to service and manage the Chester Village Association with respect to its Lawn's; shrubs; irrigation and backflow systems...

I want to ensure that NO VENDOR or committee is having any issue (LARGE or small) with another principle party on the team... that is not being addressed... This is not a bitching contest... we want honest; clear-eyed; and professional FEEDBACK as we go forward as a TEAM, making Chester Village Green the best we can... this season and the next!

I'll start first with my comments; questions, etc.:

1. Backflow services have been completed; certificates sent to the county; and all homeowners who are supposed to pay for their backflow repairs have done so. “Jim.... any comments or corrections?”

2. Heritage has properly communicated with Capital Testing during their "Spring Start up" activities adequately... There is an Irrigation hand-off point... “I am assuming no issues or process corrections needed during that hand-off?”

3. Heritage conducted a Hydrawise Controller campaign for all homeowners wanting the upgrade. “Was there anything that required changes / adjustments during that installation / billing session?”

4. Heritage and CVG need to make another slight adjustment in its INVOICE/REPORTS/QUOTEs process... “I am thinking CVG need not ask for so many individual homeowner reports... but require another means of simply having visibility of the OPERATIONAL STATUS of the homeowner’s irrigation systems.”

5. Everybody please continue to send all invoices to Chester Village Association... PO Box 835... Chesterfield, Virginia 23832

6. Lawn Beautician, continue to coordinate and inform Heritage Irrigation when the mowers "break" a sprinkler... and the Lawn co. "replaces" a sprinkler... By continuing to coordinate in this manner we can ensure we maintain the "correct size and type' of sprinkler for the neighborhood... keeping the correct amount of water etc.... Currently, only a minor few comments or Yard-Rut complaints. :)

7. Lawn Beautician, please continue to work with your mower teams to balance the amount of work... and the speed of mowing. We do have a few complaints in that area. (Speed/Damage) Please correct the gas-meter and the AC damage matters. SLOW-DOWN!

8. Lawn Beautician... any recommendation referencing the "old; brittle; man-covers in our yards... covering the cable; TV; water meters? Some are so brittle that if a mower runs over it.... it breaks! If you have a suggestion please offer it... Thanks

9. Heritage... if I ask for more Homeowners wanting the Hydrawise... Can we still get the same DISCOUNT offer as before?

I did not send this email out ahead of time for all to discuss first: SO, please if anyone now has comments; suggestions; recommendations; corrections; compliments; complaints; ANYTHING at all.... please say it NOW.... again, this is to ensure we ARE on the same page or STAY on the same page...

YOUR success is OUR success... and I want US collectively to be successful!!! :)

So, are there any additional comments...

•  Heritage:
•  Capital Testing:
•  Lawn Beautician:
•  Issue Manager:
•  Contracts Committee:
Thanks all for your cooperation and support...
Russ Carter
CVG HOA President


I am trusting that all are continuing to practice safety and remain determined to continue wearing your “masks” outside and maintaining social-distancing”. It really does matter and is consideration for one another… during these uncertain times.
Happy beginning of the Summer… I always mark Memorial Day as the beginning of Summer. While serving as an Army Officer in Europe it was customary for me to schedule all big-events around federal holidays… So, Brenda & I planned our wedding day around the Memorial Day weekend… giving us, for evermore, a four (4) day holiday! This year again, marked the start of my summer and our 30th wedding anniversary!

That said, I want to be the first to report that the CVG neighborhood is looking pretty good! Wouldn’t you agree!? Yeah, we are still dealing with those pesky Geese on the pond common area… (I think they are fraternizing with our silhouette dogs 😊… But the grounds are far, far better this season without the tons of geese droppings like prior years. This as evidenced by noticing… that the area continues to draw a many local fishermen to the pond, especially on the weekends! The local authorities informed me that they will keep a gentle eye on things… so as to avoid any unnecessary commotion. Our yards are green, 98% weed-free, and looking well groomed… another shrub trimming is on the docket…

We really have been making progress as this month May 2020, represents the “One-Year” anniversary of conducting HOA business with this current on-board Team of Volunteers… So far, I would consider our 2020 Season to be fairly successful because of a couple reasons…

First, we have awesome board members & managers… and excellent Committee volunteers!

From Colin Smith, (our finance manager) who provides outstanding attention & care to all of our day-to-day financials is teamed up with Andy McCauley our Treasurer. Together they have and continue to provide great accounting and visibility into our ability to continue beautifying and maintaining our community… to Cathy Ghidotti, who manages well, all of our documented vendor issues… ensuring that reasonable response times and solutions are met… to Jodie Coutts, who is on several committees, along with serving as our Board’s Recorder … always provide valuable feedback… and finally our other HOA Committee members! … Their support is priceless! Thank all of you for your volunteered service!

Secondly, it is also due to YOU… the other members of our Neighbors! I do appreciate the level of communication we have collectively begun. The information you all provide, including documented issues, are always presented in a civil, clear manner… only seeking the proper support, understanding, and issue resolution. I have to say your response to the new controller effort is very noteworthy… and your efforts toward Springtime home improvement projects, is appreciated. Scheduling and completing some “overdue” home-improvement projects (shutters; power washing) are appreciated and it definitely contributes to the overall community looking… “really good!” So far, so good! Everyone keep-up the good work as we head into this Summer with this strange and complicated virus. Remain safe & healthy…. If you need assistance in obtaining a reputable vendor to help with your repairs… please feel free to let the Board know so we can help.

We had a total of forty-five (45) homeowners sign-up for and transitioned to a newer irrigation solution, with Hydrawise… Some homeowners have already commented on the benefit and the difference in overall ease of operations. Any homeowner still wanting to acquire a Hydrawise controller… the Company will still honor the same discounts, including installation.

Our annual Chesterfield county required “Backflow Test and Certification” effort has been completed; with only about 8 homeowners requiring some repairs following their testing. But, everyone in the community has now passed the test and their systems are fully operational…!

For some homeowners that received a letter or card in the mail earlier this year citing Backflow testing… this completed effort is what the County was referencing. The Association has this test done each year for the community.

The Lawn Care company has exhibited their dedication and attention to their mission… while there have been a few mowing issues :(mowers getting too close to things… and creating some uneven cut spots…) We are seeing neatly cut & edged lawns and a company reacting pretty quickly to resolve any documented issue that we present to them.…

Several trees have been cut down recently in the neighborhood, namely… at the 2 trees at bridge and the two huge Leyland Pines that lined the edge of the neighborhood along De Lavial Street. Several others have been fallen with any tree replants scheduled to take place this fall.

We completed our spring 2020 shrub re-plant from the criteria-list and findings from our October 2019 walk-through. Because we noted several short-falls in the entire operation I have asked the Board to review our shrub replant goals and criteria… and together recommend a new shrub re-plant execution process utilizing the ARC Committee as managers. This process must, at a minimum, include communications with the homeowner about shrub type & size. The replant vendor will also be a part or this communications with homeowners. More on this later this 2020 season.  

Noteworthy Neighbors:

We have a couple of authors in our mist… First let’s congratulate Dr. Maurice Smith on the publishing his new book “Uncle Charles & Me!” … written by: Maurice Smith and Illustrated by: Jordan Kincaid

Secondly, we need to also congratulate Carol Ray on her published book “Ready, Set, GO!” ... written by: Katie Sloan and Illustrated by: Carol Ray

Sick & Shut-in and Losses:

Lets continue to remember & pray for our sick or shut-ins: Floyd Robinson; Doris Hobart; Jim Casto and Ann Brunner… Our Condolences: Cathy and Mike Ghidotti as her farther Carl passed this month. Any others? Please advise…

For the good of our Community:

We have been asking that everybody “pick-up the poop” after their pets and keep their pets on a leash and OFF the neighbors Landscape… Let’s continue to do this… Be considerate!

Please go to NEWSLETTER to see our CVG May 2020 Newsletter… and our MEMBERS’s ONLY section to see April’s Profit & Loss Statement… 


Today marks the end of June and the half-way point in our 2020 HOA Season...

I am still trusting and still asking that everyone continue to help Virginia hold steady against this COVID-19 virus. We do this by continuing to practice safety by remaining determined to “wear your mask” when in stores and populated areas… including outside while also maintaining your social-distancing practices”. While I know that everyone is anxious and wants the area to “open-up” and return to normal… It really does matter that we continue to remain healthy… these measures are also showing great consideration for your fellow Virginian…
Let us not slide into a major COVID crisis like Florida; Texas; California; and Arizona.

For up to date information or questions about the COVID-19 virus in Virginia go to:

Please go to NEWSLETTER to see our JUNE 2020 Newsletter… and our MEMBERS’s ONLY section to see the May Profit & Loss Statement.

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